Thursday, September 02, 2004

Google Roundup

Ok, this is just really, really weird. I noticed a number of Google hits coming into this entry from searches like "voting my values". I wondered how high I was on that list, so I ran the seach. I'm number one. Of one. I'm really, really confused by that. Am I overlooking something dumb? Am I accidentally limiting the search to my blog? Go to and type in that phrase, with quotes, and tell me if I'm the first and only hit. In other Googly news, I'm the fourth hit for dreaming in color, between a Christian music song with that name and a discussion of ESP ("For both sexes, the incidence of color in dreams was generally associated with ESP success.") In other Jonathan news, I'm busy moving into my new apartment.


  1. Jonathan,
    I did a search like you suggested--it's googlewack-ish. You're site is almost a googlewhack. But you can't have quotes for a search to produce a googlewhack. Check out

  2. It Didn't even list your sight when i did it asshole.