Sunday, October 31, 2004


Kieran at CT points to a new reason for optimism: in every election year in the seventy-one year history of the Washington Redskins, they've won their last game before election day when and only when the Presidential incumbant has gone on to lose the election. The Packers beat the 'Skins today -- if the winning of football games and of Presidential elections are natural kinds, and thus able to enter into law-like generalizations, this bodes well.

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  1. Actually, it has to do with their last home game before the election. If you saw the game... funny thing was, the score was 20-14 Green Bay, then the Skins appeared to have scored a touchdown, everyone in the crowd went wild... and then they got a yellow flag and it didn't count, and they also recieved a 5 yard penalty. And then GB went on to win what, 26-14?!?

    If the election plays out like that game did today... lets just say paybacks are hell Dubya :D