Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Those tree-hugging moderates

So the Right is up in arms about some of its members not being Right enough. Here's Tony Perkins:
Yesterday, Senator Arlen Specter spent much of the day defending his comments saying that, if chosen to be the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he would establish a litmus test against pro-life judges. [NOTE: Sadly, this is not true. -Jonathan] The untold story in this battle is that he won reelection to the Senate last week directly because President Bush and Senator Rick Santorum, two decidedly pro-life men, came to his side during a tight primary race against pro-life challenger Pat Toomey. Rather than expressing support for the men who helped return him to the Senate, Arlen Specter is now opposing their pro-life values. This is the height of arrogance and ingratitude. President Bush and Sen. Santorum need to remember their role in reelecting Sen. Specter to the Senate. If they want to protect their values, and the values of the vast majority of Americans, they need to ask whether or not they want Sen. Specter in control of the confirmation process. The President and Sen. Santorum can provide much-needed leadership to this debate. If the Republican Party continues to support moderates who are out of step with the American people, we will continue to see the arrogance that Sen. Specter continues to flaunt. It is time for them to weigh in with Republican senators and offer another alternative to a Specter chairmanship.
My emphasis and added brackets. Mark down November 2004 as the date when "moderate" joined "liberal" as a pejorative.

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  1. I feel bad for Senator Specter, because he is an excellent senator who works hard to meet the needs and interests of all Pennsylvanians. I didn't follow the race very closely because I changed my registration from PA to TX (...ha), but I would have seriously considered voting for him.

    Every time my mother and I talk about Pennsylvania politics, the first words she says re: Rick Santorum are "He's a slime." Every single time. - Shari