Friday, October 29, 2004

We must protect our youth. From ME!!!!!

Elsie teaches in a New York City public high school. She told me today that she tried to access my blog from a school computer, and got this message:
Access Denied The requested document,, will not be shown. Reason: Found in Denied List (SexEd/Advanced). Entry causing block is
Does anyone understand how things like this work? Does that last line mean that someone specifically entered my blog as objectionable? Or is some automatic filter picking up bad keywords? It's weird, because I don't really ever talk about vulvae or fellatio or waiting for marriage. I don't think my ideas are very dangerous...

1 comment:

  1. my (conservative) friend has an annoying blocking program like that on her computer. it entirely blocks some pages, and deletes words from others (although it's poorly programmed - some significant words escaped its notice). something as innocent as "I ate a chicken breast today" would probably set it off. i'll have to try reading your blog on her computer sometime and see what it thinks. :)