Monday, September 29, 2003

Well, that was surprising.

My blog readership demographics changed significantly, somewhat literally overnight. Before today, I was getting an average of 23 hits per day... so far, I've had 95 today. Previously, the people who visited my blog were people who knew me, whom I'd invited. Suddenly, I was getting informed comments on moral philosophy from complete strangers! I was confused until I discovered I'd been linked by Brian Weatherson, one of my philosophy professors here at Brown, on his blog and Crooked Timber. (Both well worth your time -- Brian's blog centers mostly on philosophy of language and logic issues, and Crooked Timber is a liberal academic team blog.) So, thanks, Brian, and hi everybody. (By way of teaser, expect a post on death and headaches later this evening. But first, a shower! And dinner! Then maybe blogging.)

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