Wednesday, August 25, 2004

War on Poverty Genes

This news is a couple of weeks old, but I was abroad and missed it. I can't believe it's real. James Hart has won the Republican Nomination for a U.S. Congress seat in Tennessee. Hart's platform appears to be based on the genetic superiority of white people. Yeah, I'm serious. From his campaign website:
Our cities are being destroyed by dysgenic welfare and immigration. Why does Detroit look like it was hit by a nuclear bomb and Hiroshima look like it was on the side that won the war? Everyone knows the answer but is afraid to say. Because genes have a more devastating effect on civilization than nuclear bombs, and the reason for Detroit's decline is that there are less 'favored races' in Detroit with an average IQ of 85 and more 'favored races' in Japan with an average IQ of 104. (It is noted there are less 'favored races'* in Africa south of the Sahara with an average IQ of 70-75, which accounts for the extreme poverty there.) ... If we had integrated with less 'favored races' centuries ago, there would have never been an electric light. There would never have been an airplane. Unless we stop dysgenic welfare and immigration policies, the US will look like one big Detroit.
I have absolutely nothing to say about this person.


  1. How any minority person (or any person, for that matter) can vote for the Republicans always boggles me. The Republican party is the party of the "Moral Majority". Got it, people? It is the party that invades foreign countries based upon trumped up "intelligence" that gives them a reasonable pretext to SUSPECT the presence of WMDs.

    Vote Kerry, or else you get 4 more years of racism, destruction of the environment, misuse of the military, torture of foreign prisoners and the appointment of federal judges on the basis of their willingness to deny a woman the right to an abortion.

    Sorry, I'm really not very political.

    Sam Silvers

  2. Sam, this is a side of you I'd never seen!

    I do agree with most of what you say. I do like to think that Mr. Hart doesn't represent most of the GOP... still, it's pretty hard to believe that any group worthy of respect would nominate this man.

    I'm no great fan of Kerry, but at this point, I'll enthusiastically welcome him in.