Thursday, February 03, 2005

Creation Museum

Behold, the Creation Museum, sponsored by Answers in Genesis! From the NYT article:
The virtual tour of the museum, to be built in rural Kentucky, says its exhibits will explain many such mysteries, like the claim that T. rex lurked around Adam and Eve - "That's the terror that Adam's sin unleashed!" - and how "Noah and his family survive 371 days alone on an animal-filled boat" ("a real 'Survivor' story"). The philosophy of the Creation Museum, part of the "Answers in Genesis" ministry, is summed up this way: "The imprint of the Creator is all around us. And the Bible's clear - heaven and earth in six 24-hour days, earth before sun, birds before lizards. Other surprises are just around the corner. Adam and apes share the same birthday. The first man walked with dinosaurs and named them all! God's Word is true, or evolution is true. No millions of years. There's no room for compromise."
One might think that this is a sort of scary extreme Right fundamentalist intolerant group, but they're actually very moderate. See, for example, this page, which explains that there is no Biblical evidence that black people are the result of the curse on Ham.


  1. Yeah-- as it turns out, it's actually homosexuals who are the accursed children of Ham. Now that's progressive.


  2. Aha! Is that passed down from generation to generation, then?