Friday, April 01, 2005

Reporting Illegal Online Activity

I just received an email soliciting me to buy people's online identities. I'd like to report it to an authority, but I don't know where to go. Advice is very welcome. The email was sent to nine addresses, arranged alphabetically and clustered; it looks like someone was just going down a long list and broke it into several emails. The text of the message I got, with contact information removed, follows.
Hello, During the battle with US Secret Service, we fucked all those LE bastards and now we are running a brand new, improved and the biggest carder' forum you ever seen. On our forum you can buy: * Credit cards with Change Of Billing (COBs) * Dumps of US and European credit cards (Platinum, Gold and Classic) * Active eBay accounts with as many positive feedbacks as you need * Active and wealthy PayPal accounts * Drops for carding, cashing and money laundering * Carded electronic and stuff for as low as 40 percent of market price * PINs for prepaided AT&T and Sprint phone cards * Carded Western Union accounts for safe and quick money transfers * Carded UPS and FedEx accounts for quick and free worldwide shipping of your stuff * Full info including Social Security Info, Driver Licence #, Mother' Maiden Name and much more * DDoS attack for any site you need, including monsters like Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay Come and register today and get a bonus by your choice: - One Citybank account with online access with 3k on board, or - 5 COB' cards with 5k credit line - 10 eBay active eBay accounts with 100+ positive feedbacks - 25 Credit Cards with PINs for online carding Be in first 10 who register today and get the very special bonus from Administration of Forum. Contact us if you want to open account to access forum at e-mail:

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  1. This may fall within the FBI's scope of interest: tip submission. - Shari