Thursday, January 12, 2006

Internet trivia

For what Google search are these the top ten hits?
  1. Yahoo!
  2. Altavista
  3. Microsoft Corporation
  4. - Breaking News, US, World, Weather, Entertainment & Video ...
  5. Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers ...
  6. Adobe Systems Incorporated
  7. MapQuest.Com: Maps, Directions and More
  8. My Excite
  9. Lycos
  10. World Wide Web Consortium


  1. www

    Your turn:

    Microsoft Corporation
    World Wide Web Consortium
    Yahoo! - Breaking News, US, World, Weather, Entertainment & Video ...
    Welcome to Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers ...
    My Excite
    Adobe Systems Incorporated

  2. Nice job. As for yours: Hmm... I'm stumped at present.

  3. http

    This might be too easy since a theme has been established, but:

    1. Yahoo!
    2. CNN
    3. Amazon
    4. Microsoft Corporation
    6. AltaVista
    7. Adobe Systems Incorporated
    8. MapQuest

  4. Ah, nice one. I didn't think to try that.

    I did, however, already try the answer to the new puzzle. :) I shan't give it away.

  5. com

    Nos. 5 & 9 helped tip me off. Here's one more (with one search result partially redacted to make it more sporting):

    1. PayPal - Welcome
    2. Welcome to AdWords
    3. Shields Up
    4. [title redacted] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    5. National Do Not Call Registry
    6. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
    7. Internet Fraud Complaint Center
    8. AnnualCreditReport
    9. Hushmail - PGP Compatible Secure Free Email - Login
    10. Helix Community: Welcome

  6. I'm stumped again! I know what got redacted, but it doesn't help!

  7. https

    That was a good one! (Sadly, I am too tired to continue the game by thinking up something even vaguely clever.)