Saturday, July 04, 2009

Papers on Intuitions

Intuitions and Begging the Question is now under review. Check it out if you're interested in reading what I think about intuitions, and making me wish I'd asked you for comments on it before submitting it.

My next project: making revisions to Explaining Away Intuitions.

Here, incidentally, is where I have all my papers online now.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    just a question out of curiosity: Aren't you worried at all that the referee(s) of your paper might simply google you as the author? Or do you think that this will either not be to your disadvantage or even outweighed by the advantages of putting the paper online? The reason I am asking this is that I am genuinely unsure if I should put my own unpublished/unreviewed papers on my website or not...

  2. I've decided not to worry about it, but I'm open to argument that I should reconsider. Here are a few considerations:

    I think that reviewers have an obligation not to go googling, at least prior to writing their reviews.

    I think that, usually, if someone goes googling, he'll find me whether or not I have my paper up. There'll be an older version cached, or on a conference website somewhere, or very similar passages will be in my blog posts, etc.

    Some of my work is in subfields sufficiently small such that most of the active players will already know most of the active players, and will recognize their new work from conferences, discussions, etc. So it's antecedently pretty likely that the review won't be blind anyway. 

    I think that the value of sharing ideas, both to other and especially to me, outweighs the small increase in risk of compromising blind review.

    I'm not sure that it'd be a disaster if blind review was compromised sometimes.

    There are a few of the considerations that occur to me. Any thoughts?