Friday, June 25, 2004

A little family law practitioner humor

I penned this a few weeks ago, and it's made the rounds at Jones McClure Publishing. If you're not familiar with family law (or maybe this is even specific to Texas family law -- I don't know), you'll need to follow the link to get the punchline.
My father and I had never been close. We'd had our first major fight when I was eighteen and decided not to enter the family business, and we never really quite got over that. For years, we didn't even talk -- it turned out, we didn't have very much in common at all. We had different interests, different personalities, different taste in movies and foods. The only respect in which we were alike was our body shape and size. One day, I acquired a beautiful black three-piece suit. It fit me perfectly, and I looked great in it. My mother asked me if my father could borrow it for a wedding he'd be attending. I reluctantly agreed, and had my first contact with him in several years when I leant him my suit. Since we were the same size, it fit him very well too. We got to talking, and it turns out that we had more in common than we'd realized. And we discovered that our fight about the family business had rested largely on a misunderstanding -- he thought I'd been insulting his position in life, when really I was just expressing a preference for something different for myself. Once this was cleared up, things were much smoother between us. I'm happy now, both with my place in life and with my father's place in my life. That was the best SAPCR ever.
Please forgive me.

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