Thursday, March 03, 2005

Church and State in the Supreme Court

If you've been paying attention, you know that there're some big developments lately on church-state seperation, or not, in the United States Supreme Court. They're hearing two cases about Ten Commandments displays. I don't have time to discuss it in any depth, but I thought I'd point readers to an online transcript of deliberations, as well as this gem from Justice Scalia:
"And when somebody goes by that monument, I don't think they're studying one of the commandments. It's a symbol of the fact that government comes -- derives its authority from God. And that is, it seems to me, an appropriate symbol to be on State grounds."


  1. And silly me, thinking government derived from the consent of the people.

  2. On my LiveJournal feeds page this happened to be followed by "Gack, what the ... ??", which I thought highly appropriate given my reaction was pretty much that.

    In other news, I hate Scalia.


  3. Oh. So one doesn't actually have to obey the Law to be saved by it. One just has to vaguely note a monument in one's peripheral vision that has the Law inscribed on it. That makes things easier. Bring on the monuments, by all means.