Thursday, April 20, 2006

The State of the Blog (and the dissertation)

This blog has obviously fallen into disuse. Also, I've been academically unmotivated lately; I haven't gotten a whole lot done. I think I'll try to correct both of these circumstances with one policy initiative. I'm going to start tracking my philosophy work in this blog -- setting goals for myself, and discussing ideas as they come to me. This will have an obvious impact on those of you non-philosophers who read here because you are my friends. Or maybe you read for some other reason, though I can't imagine what that would be. This blog may become flooded with material you don't care about. Sorry for that. It won't hurt my feelings if you go away. And if you stay, I'll try to keep things lively and interesting and somewhat informative about my life, too. Basically, I'm going to try for that tricky balance between academic writing and life stuff. We'll see how it goes. So, here are some thing I intend to do soon: Today is Thursday, and I last updated the Papers Blog last Saturday, almost a week ago. It's overdue -- I will update tomorrow, or possibly even tonight. David Sosa has written a review of Colin McGinn's book on imagination. John Bengson helpfully sent me a copy -- I will read and take notes on it tomorrow, too. I've been toying around with a new general outlook on conditionals. I will think about it some more, hopefully enough to write a post about it over the weekend. Background thought: which faculty members at Rutgers should I ask to be on my dissertation committee?


  1. Peter Klein is a nice guy and I sat in on his class once for a teaching class I was taking. It was an intro philosophy course I had no idea what they were talking about despite having taken two philosophy classes in undergrad. I don't know his main area of interest, but he seems to be nice and knows his stuff. And he's considered "Master Faculty" around here, but I don't think that really means anything. Anyone can sign up for that.

  2. Peter Klein is an epistemologist, so he's definintely on my radar. The only thing I know about his work as of now is that he's interested in 'infinitism' about justification. That strikes me as a very, very strange view, but I haven't read any of his work about it. Good to know he's a good guy.