Friday, January 16, 2004

Introducing the GASMAKER

The following email came to Savoynet today. I generally share John's sentiments, and love his new page.
From: on behalf of John Spartan Sent: Fri 1/16/2004 4:03 PM To: Multiple recipients of list SAVOYNET Subject: The GAS MAKER I, for one, think we should have our way with the music and the libretto. The sky's the limit. Just look at the Statford production where the Pirate King is suddenly reading Shakespeare with every entrance and exit - for no reason what-so-ever - and yet I can not fathom why Gilbert did not think of this brilliant approach. I say - change 'em all! And so, I have programmed the GAS MAKER. It uses a random generator that assigns a Gilbertian character with some totally unnecessary and unrelated character development. Have a look: Next time you direct, feel free to use my little characterization device free of charge and maybe we can make Gilbert and Sullivan funny again. John S LI NY
Check out the GASMAKER.

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