Monday, January 12, 2004

They don't pay me, I'm just a fan

It is well-documented in this blog that I love to eat burritos from Chipotle. I'm very happy to be back in Houston, where they're available -- there are no good burritos in Providence. I've recently discovered, however, that Chipotle is cooler than I'd realized: they use free-range pork in all their carnitas items. We're talking open pastures, vegetarian diets, no weird hormones. They, apparently, shun the Meatrix. Chipotle and most of the news stories I've read emphasize the superior taste -- I'll take their word for it there -- but I'm definitely in favor of humane meat production. To that end, I've changed my Chipotle staple from a chicken burrito to a pork burrito. I find it slightly less tasty and it is slightly more expensive, but I think this is the kind of business decision that warrants consumer support. Chipotle ought to be applauded both for producing delicious burritos and for its use of free-range pork.

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