Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blogger Comments

I'm going to start using Blogger's integrated comments. Unfortunately, that means I'll lose my old comments. Maybe I'll save a few specific threads manually. I'll have them both up for a few days, but I'll be taking Haloscan links down soon.


  1. Testing new integrated comments...

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Wow...they sure display funkily.


  4. I tried Blogger comments for a while, but soon reverted to Haloscan. Just in case there is a good reason to change which I'm unaware of: what's the motivation behind your choice here?

    The only advantage I could see to Blogger was having no size limit to comments. Oh, and having comments integrated into the permalink page makes them more accessible.

    But with Haloscan you get a convenient RSS feed of recent comments. Plus Haloscan looks much better (IMO). Besides, changing is a hassle! (As you said, you lose old comments.)

    Have I missed some of the pros & cons, or do you just weigh them differently?

  5. Joe, you're right, they look pretty awful. I'm trying to figure out how to make them prettier.

    Richard, I see the following advantages to Blogger versus Haloscan comments:

    (1) integrated design
    (2) email notification option (that I don't have to pay for)
    (3) better stability, hopefully. My old Haloscan posts have gradually been disappearing.

  6. Success! Formatting now reasonable.

  7. Does the email notification tell you where the comment was posted?
    If so, I might consider changing (again) myself.

    Back when I tried it, the email didn't include any useful information at all. So all I knew was that there was a new comment - but with no way of telling where!

    That's probably the major reason I stayed with Haloscan, actually. It's so easy to check the 'recent comments' RSS feed, and instantly see if someone left a comment on a 3-month old post.