Friday, February 27, 2004

G&S Pet Names

I used to maintain an online diary... slightly like this blog in some respects, but more (slightly) more likely to have entries about how I was having a bad day or trouble with my girlfriend. I was looking through it this evening and found this entry from December 16, 2002. I still think these are neat ideas, so I thought I'd note them again.
Someday, I will own a non-empty subset of the following set of pets:
  • Orange tropical fish named The Pirate King
  • Black ferret named Ko-Ko
    • White mouse named Pitti-Sing
    • White mouse named Peep-Bo
    • White mouse named Yum-Yum
  • A Gila Monster named The Mikado
  • A yellow finch named Phyllis
  • A cat named Phoebe
    • A hamster named Marco
    • A hamster named Giuseppe
  • A racoon named Dr. Daly
    • A golden retriever named Hilarion
    • A golden retriever named Cyril
    • A golden retriever named Florian
  • A very large white cat named The Fairy Queen
  • A very large black cat named Dame Carruthers
  • One of those droopy-faced grumpy-looking dogs named Gama
  • A boa constrictor named Katisha
  • A peacock named Bunthorne
I find these fun.

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