Monday, February 23, 2004

Tracking Back for us Lowly Folk

Volokh today indicated that that wonderful resourse, Technorati, could give trackback-kind of features to those of us who aren't powered by systems that give us trackback. This site shows how to do it for many such systems, but I was disappointed to see that, for a variety of uninteresting but frustrating reasons, it does not have a method that will work for those of us who use blogger and have "#" symbols in our archive links. I spent an hour trying to come up with a workaround solution, then asked my friend Dave Price for help. Three hours later, we've achieved success. It was a lot harder than one might imagine. Blogger tags didn't cut it. I won't go into details. But here's the Javascript code Dave came up with, if you want to use it yourself. A suitable variant on the following can go inside your "blogger" tag: Thanks very much, Dave. UPDATE: Kevin Aylward has blogger code at his site now, too. It's a lot like this code, but it ends up making a prettier link. There may not be any rational reason for me to use Dave's code instead of Kevin's, but I'm emotionally attached to Dave's, having invested a recent evening in it. Maybe I'll switch eventually.

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