Monday, October 06, 2003

Do you know what that word means?

The odd media quote of the day comes from Mike Fowler on the web site of my second-favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions, who lost yesterday to my first-favorite NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers.
Harrington's first turnover occurred just two plays into the Lions first possession. Corner Ahmad Plummer stepped in front of Harrington's pass intended for Charles Rogers deep in Detroit territory at the 27-yard line and returned it to the Detroit 23. Six plays later San Francisco quarterback Jeff Garcia found his nemesis Terrell Owens from 6-yards out to give San Francisco a 7-0 lead.
Nemesis? I know that things between my two favorite 49ers offensive stars have been less than great lately, but I can't help thinking that the media wants to make more out of it than there is. Maybe it's because they're not the same race.

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