Wednesday, October 01, 2003

One thing that's annoying

I do almost all of my getting around in Providence on foot. And I'm a respectful, responsible pedestrian -- although I do not make a point of waiting for a "walk" sign before crossing a street, I am careful not to step out into or near a car's path. This is partially for self-interested reasons, but it's also out of respect for the driver. The driver doesn't want to devote much time to me -- he just wants to get on with his life. When I'm driving, I hate having to break for pedestrians who think they own the roads. But not all drivers recognize this fact about me. Sometimes, I'll come to the end of a sidewalk, wanting to cross the street. I see a car coming, so I wait for it. The car, seeing me, and apparently thinking I'm about to step out in front of him (even though I've clearly halted forward motion and am standing in an attitude of waiting), slows down and stops, and waves me across. So now I have to feel guilty about being inconsiderate to the driver -- even though if I hadn't waited for him, I would have taken up less of his time. Oh, and lest you think the driver was just being altruistic, he also glares at me as I cross the street at his insistance.

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