Friday, October 03, 2003

LSAT: well- and ill- wishes, special consideration due friends

I wish:
  • Wonderful fortune to Elsie on the LSAT tomorrow. Elsie, may your pencils be sharp, your erasers true, your mind clear, and your luck good.
  • Very good fortune to any other of my friends who are taking the exam tomorrow. Some of the JMP folks, maybe?
  • Horrible misfortune to those people whom I don't know who are taking the LSAT tomorrow, who will be in competition with Elsie and my other 2004-law-school-applying friends. Nothing personal, but I hope you don't get enough sleep, misread the questions, and accidentally mark outside the bubbles. I hope that you find happiness in life, but are weak law school candidates.
  • Exception: if you are reading my blog entry, I exempt you from my ill-wishes, and declare myself "neutral" on the issue of whether you do well tomorrow.
And they say that utilitarians can't give special treatment to friends.

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