Sunday, October 05, 2003

Something there that wasn't there before

My favorite Disney musical is Beauty and the Beast. Last year, I bought myself the DVD, and was amazed and very excited to discover a new song -- "Human Again," which I'd never heard before and didn't know was included. It was one of my favorite movies -- and suddenly there was more of it! Last night, Caitlin leant me her recording of the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast. It has "Human Again," plus like ten more songs I'd never heard before! Gaston has a whole big song! Gaston was always my favorite Disney villain, and I love his music and want to sing it all. And now there's more! And other amazing stuff, too... and Beast actually gets some substantial singing, and everything! I realize that this is probably old news to most of the world, but I find it very exciting. And this is my blog, and not most of the worlds'. So there.

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