Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Jonathan on Stage March 12-13

My life just got busier. The following may mean less blogging for the next couple weeks. It also may not. It certainly means less free time for me. But it also means you can see me perform if you're inclined to and in Providence March 12 or 13. 8:00, March 12 and 13 I'll be performing in a staged reading of Dreams and Fires -- and updated version of the ancient epic, Gilgamesh. Performances are open to the public and free and in the McCormack theater. That's somewhere on the Brown campus -- that's all I know as of now. The show intersperses the epic with a modern-day narrative set in New York, with the same actors performing in both storylines. There is some singing involved. I'm reading/singing/performing Gilgamesh. It'll be weird, and maybe cool. You should come if you want to and can.

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