Monday, March 22, 2004

This is a Brown philosophy graduate student's blog, and I am a Brown philosophy graduate student*

Saturday I noticed with disgust that I was nowhere to be found among the top 100 google hits for Brown philosophy student blog. This seemed to me like a gross injustice, so I added this text to the bottom of my blog page:
I'm ashamed to discover that I'm not even among the top 100 google hits for brown philosophy student blog. I feel like I'm entitled to that search, since this a blog of a Brown philosophy student. I hope to appear there soon.
This was two days ago. This morning I am the number three hit for that search. And Brian, you'd better look out -- I'm aiming for number one. (One must admit I deserve it more than he does -- after all, I actually am a Brown philosophy student.) *Or so you assume.

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