Wednesday, April 14, 2004

He cometh of noble birth

Thomas Malory is *terrible* about ambiguous pronouns. In Book XI, ch. 14 of his Le Morte D'Arthur, he writes:
Then they made both great dole out of measure. 'This will not avail,' said Sir Percival. And then he kneeled down and made his prayer devoutly unto Almighty Jesu, for he was one of the best knights of the world that at that time was, in whom the very faith stood most in.
I can see it now... a knight in white armor approaches with a big spear, and he says 'wit thee well, my name is Sir Jesus that hath made my quest to forgive the world for thy sins, and son unto the great knight, Sir God. And now make thee ready, for I shall have ado with thee.'

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