Sunday, April 11, 2004

Laugh. It's funny.

I may not be any good at writing philosophy papers tonight, but I just wrote a good joke.
Al has two friends, Bob and Chet. Over the course of the year, he asks both of them for help with various projects at several points. Bob is always eager to help -- he rearranges his schedule, shows up early and always puts in a strong effort. Chet, however, only helps grudgingly, and only about half the time. When he does show up, it's usually much later than the time they'd agreed on. At the end of the year, Al announces to his two friends that he has an award to bestow to thank the friend who most deserves it. "This year," says Al, "my 'helpful friend award' goes to Chet." Bob is livid. "Chet!?! I help you way more than Chet does! I rearrange my family schedule, and do everything you ask without complaining! I show up early and stay until it's done!" "Ah," says Al, "but what have you done for me lately?"
Thank you, thank you.

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