Thursday, April 08, 2004

State of the Blog

I think it's likely that I'll be doing less blogging here in the near future. Several factors come into play:
  • I'll be doing most of my philosophy posting in Fake Barn Country from now on (although I may double-post sometimes).
  • I'm really busy, and am supposed to be writing five term papers in the next however many weeks until I leave. I also need to plan my summer, including how many weeks from now I'm leaving, and many other things (like how long I'm staying in England in August!)
  • I feel the blog-muse drifting slowly away (but don't worry, it feels like it's only very slightly drifting away, and expects to come back soon).
And when I say less blogging, I mean, don't be surprised if I go, like, a whole day without a post. (I hope and expect to be doing a lot more posting in my readings blog, though, and in Fake Barn Country.)

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